MINT: A spoken word event by Kayla Marie (November 22)

Kayla Marie Lewis
Jupiter Hall Live! Performance Series proudly presents MINT, a spoken word event featuring storytelling, song and original work by emerging local artist Kayla Marie.

Sunday’s best never looked so good! This original production of MINT combines the musical roots of African American spiritual hymns and modern elements of spoken word to tell the story of one African American woman.

This melodic poetry fusion creates a provoking narrative while addressing the importance of telling your own story. MINT’s themes include the history of African Americans and the dialogue of societal issues regarding colorism, racism and self-acceptance in conjunction with a soul music twist.

Artist info:
Telling, singing, and even shouting what have, for too long, remained whispered realities of the black experience, Kayla Marie of Kayla Marie Poetry, a spoken word artist, shines a light onto her own struggles and story. Her work invites all peoples to claim the power that comes when an individual controls their own narrative. The combination of African American hymns and modern themes create a soul poetic fusion that aids in tackling societal issues.
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