PSNH Presents: Alarie Tennille & Ekphrastic Poetry (May 26)

Next Tuesday, May 26th, at 7:00 PM, PSNH Presents will have a featured reader: Alarie Tennille who was in the first class with women at the University of Virginia. She will share stories from her experiences and answer questions. She will also read some poems, focusing on ekphrastic poetry. If you have any ekphrastic poetry you want to share, please let Jimmy Pappas know ahead of time. We hope you can join us in honoring her for helping to break a glass ceiling.

Contact Jimmy Pappas to sign up to attend this reading —

About Alarie:

Alarie Tennille was born and raised in Portsmouth, Virginia, and graduated from the University of Virginia in the first class admitting women. She has lived more than half her life in Kansas City, Missouri. Now retired, she serves on the Emeritus Board of The Writers Place and continues to write. Alarie received a 2020 Ekphrastic Award from The Ekphrastic Review, which published three of the poems she is reading for PSNH Presents. Her poetry books Running Counterclockwise and Waking on the Moon are available on Amazon. You can learn more about her work at