PSNH Presents Wendy Keith, Tara Greenblatt, and Libby Kirkpatrick

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Welcome to a night of music and discussion of writing lyrics by three New England musicians, Wendy Keith, Tara Greenblatt, and Libby Kirkpatrick. Each musician will play and explore their songwriting process to help us discover some of the many connections between poetry and music. 
Here’s a SNEAK PEEK at our musicians for the evening:
WENDY KEITH moved from the Boston area to the Monadnock Region in the late 70s largely because of the Folkway Club and the excellent radio station here. She plays Americana, Folk, Blues, and original songs and has just completed and released her fourth original CD recording, “It’s About Time”. Her music may be found on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, and at the Toadstool Bookstore in Peterborough, NH.
TARA GREENBLATT: Tara’s words and music touch the souls of her listeners and explore our human connection to the natural world. Evocative and honest, the subject of her songs delve into personal experiences making the listener feel deeply. Her music and live performance put the listener in touch with themselves, with the light and shadow sides of being human, and with the pulse of life. She has been performing with her stellar band all over the New England area and beyond for more than fifteen years. Her website is:
LIBBY KIRKPATRICK lives with her son in Hartland, VT. She describes herself an American troubadour singer-songwriter born of folk music of the sixties and seventies into the jam and bluegrass festival scene of the 90s, influenced by international travel as well as embodied, intergalactic, and accidental out-of-body travel. Libby is also a bio-field tuning practitioner and a craniosacral therapist who uses sound for healing and wellness. Her music is available on-line through Spotify, Amazon, CDBaby, on any Google home. Her website is:
This is our first event of this kind and we hope to offer more!
(Open to the public