PSNH Presents Michael Dylan Welch’s Haiku Movie Sequences

SEPTEMBER 7, TUESDAY AT 7:00 PM ET: Join Michael Dylan Welch for selected performances from his year of creating PowerPoint presentations and short movies of his haiku and tanka sequences, plus other content (none of them about the pandemic!). We can also discuss how you might try these presentations yourself! Here is the tentative program (the longest of the two movies is 2.5 minutes; the concluding piece takes about 13 minutes to read; everything else is about 1 to 3 minutes each): Contact Jimmy Pappas at if you have questions or would like to attend.

  • Another Country (train rengay) MOVIE
  • Forgiveness (haiku)
  • Things Haiku Say (longer poem)
  • The Second Eye (tanka)
  • Shichifukujin – The Seven Lucky Gods (tanka)
  • Shengxiao (haiku on the Chinese zodiac)
  • About the Season (Christmas haiku) MOVIE
  • On the Art of Writing Haiku (quotations and haiku)