No Word for This

OCTOBER 26, 2021, TUESDAY AT 7:00 PM ET   Join poet Brendan Constantine’s workshop and discussion of his ongoing workshops for writers with special needs. Since 2017, Constantine has been working with speech pathologists and clinicians to develop poetry classes for people with Aphasia and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The results are compelling and call for a total reappraisal of this art form. He says, “It’s the most useful I have ever felt as an artist.” Writers of all backgrounds and experience are welcome. Sufferers of “Writer’s Block” strongly encouraged. Contact Jimmy Pappas at if you have questions or would like to attend. 

How to Get Your Poetry Manuscript Published


OCTOBER 19, 2021, TUESDAY AT 7:00 PM ET:   How to Get Your Poetry Manuscript Published:   Poet Kyle Potvin  moderates a panel that brings together three respected publishers: Eileen Cleary of Lily Poetry Review Books, Diane Lockward of Terrapin Books, and Kirsty Walker of Hobblebush Books. The interactive discussion will provide an opportunity to obtain answers to your questions related to book contests, open submission periods, how many published poems should appear in a manuscript, preferred formatting, expectations for book promotion and much more.  Contact Jimmy Pappas at if you have questions or would like to attend.

PSNH Presents the NH Teen Poets Laureate Team

OCTOBER 12, 2021, TUESDAY AT 6:25 PM ET (Note earlier time):   PSNH Presents the NH Teen Poets Laureate Team:   Join us and be impressed by the writing talent of NH’s Teen Poets! We invite other high school poets who want to present one poem to obtain the sign-up details from Jimmy Pappas at Pass the word along to teachers and schools! Contact Jimmy if you have questions or would like to attend.  

Dramatic Monologues

NOVEMBER 2, TUESDAY AT 7:00 PM ET: Join poet Midge Goldberg in conversation about the art of writing dramatic monologues. The author of three full-length collections, most recently To Be Opened After My Death, Goldberg will discuss creating characters, giving them their own voices distinct from the poet, using dialogue, and what makes a dramatic monologue a poem as opposed to fiction. Goldberg will present examples from her own work, as well as the work of other poets, and will discuss ideas for publishing and integrating poems into larger collections that participants may have. Contact Jimmy Pappas at if you have questions or would like to attend. 

PSNH Presents Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer in “The Daily Practice: Why you, too, might want to write a poem a day.”

SEPTEMBER 28, TUESDAY AT 7:00 PM ET:   What happens if you write a poem every day? Of course, you become a better poet—practice anything that much and you’ll improve! Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer will share practical ideas about how to find inspiration day after day, how to meet the blank, and how to share your practice. But she’ll also talk about transformation—the miraculous, mysterious ways that writing poems everyday changes your whole life—the way you see the world, the way you move through it, the way you know and unknow what it is to be alive. Contact Jimmy Pappas at if you have questions or would like to attend.

Reading and Discussion: Poetry Society of New Hampshire Presents Alice B. Fogel in “Art, Language, Consciousness: Responding to Visual Mystery”

OCTOBER 5, TUESDAY AT 7:00 PM ET:  Enter into a discussion with former NH poet laureate Alice Fogel about ways art can inspire unexpected creativity in writing. The poems in her new book Nothing But are a series of indirect considerations on art & consciousness that do not describe or explain the artworks they are triggered by. Rather than focus on narrative, as one could when looking at a representational piece of art, these poems chart the effect of abstract expressionism as a welcome interruption to our constant stream of consciousness. Alice will discuss how she used abstract visual art as an entry into a new way of seeing and even thinking, and explain how she arrived at the unusual structure, as well as content, of the poems. She’ll also read examples from the book and show some artwork.  Contact Jimmy Pappas at if you have questions or would like to attend.

PSNH Presents Michael Dylan Welch’s Haiku Movie Sequences

SEPTEMBER 7, TUESDAY AT 7:00 PM ET: Join Michael Dylan Welch for selected performances from his year of creating PowerPoint presentations and short movies of his haiku and tanka sequences, plus other content (none of them about the pandemic!). We can also discuss how you might try these presentations yourself! Here is the tentative program (the longest of the two movies is 2.5 minutes; the concluding piece takes about 13 minutes to read; everything else is about 1 to 3 minutes each): Contact Jimmy Pappas at if you have questions or would like to attend.

  • Another Country (train rengay) MOVIE
  • Forgiveness (haiku)
  • Things Haiku Say (longer poem)
  • The Second Eye (tanka)
  • Shichifukujin – The Seven Lucky Gods (tanka)
  • Shengxiao (haiku on the Chinese zodiac)
  • About the Season (Christmas haiku) MOVIE
  • On the Art of Writing Haiku (quotations and haiku)