PSNH Events Presents: Down Cellar Poetry Salon hosts Smoky Quartz

MARCH 7, SUNDAY AT 1:00: The Down Cellar Poetry Salon hosts Smoky Quartz, the online journal of literature and art published by the Monadnock Writers’ Group. We will explore the work of three poets with deep roots in New Hampshire—Denny Caldwell, Maura MacNeil and Rodger Martin—looking at our New England point of view as well as other aspects influencing these writers.  The Smoky Quartz editors will share tips on getting published. Contact Jimmy Pappas at if you have questions or would like to attend.

PSNH Events Presents: Falon Willow, Former Teen Poet Laureate, on her first book

FEBRUARY 23, TUESDAY AT 7:00: First book night for young poets. Falon Willow, a former teen poet laureate, will discuss her first book. Other young poets are welcome to share their dreams of a first book. To register, just contact Jimmy Pappas at if you would like to share your story about what your plans are and to screen share a poem. 

PSNH Presents: Brian Evans-Jones: Publish Your Poems

Poetry Society of NH member Brian Evans-Jones has launched a new online poetry group aimed at anyone who wants to get published in journals and magazines. It’s called Publish Your Poems and it starts on February 16. Members of the group will edit and polish poems to submission-ready standard, discover new ways to choose, arrange, and title poems, learn how to find poetry magazines that are a good fit, and become confident with the logistics of submissions, such as formatting poems and writing cover letters. The group lasts for 8 weeks with 5 Zoom meetings, and costs $199. For more information and to apply, please go to

Brian is a graduate of the MFA program at UNH and a member of the New Hampshire Poetry Out Loud visiting poets team. He won the Maureen Egan Award from Poets & Writers in 2017 and was Poet Laureate of Hampshire, England, in 2012-13. He writes about poetry at Contact Jimmy Pappas at if you have questions or would like to attend.

PSNH Presents: Chen Chen at the Down Cellar Poetry Salon

FEBRUARY 7, SUNDAY AT 1:00: Join special guest Chen Chen at the Down Cellar Poetry Salon as he discusses the theme “Approaches to writing about sensitive subjects that involve the stories of real people.” We will share some of our own true stories we are writing about and the difficulties we face coming to terms with the facts. Contact Jimmy Pappas at if you have questions or would like to attend.