Updated PSNH Reading Series Schedule

Here is how our reading series looks for the next section of 2019. As a reminder, this monthly reading series has returned to Gibson’s Bookstore but the time has shifted to 5:30-7:00 p.m.

Depending on the featured readers, there will not always be an open mic. However audience participation is always encouraged, so please feel free to discuss and ask questions about the featured poems.

Jimmy Pappas (organizer) is also encouraging the featured readers to bring writing prompts or other ways for the audience to participate. For example, reading with an acoustic musician. Please contact Jimmy if you have further questions:


Tentative List : Subject to Change

  • May 22: Mark DeCarteret and Anders Carlson-Wee
  • June 19: Gloria Monaghan and Jeffrey Zygmont
  • July 25: Jennifer Militello and Charles Simic
  • August 21: Rhina Espaillat and Toni Treadway
  • September 18: Robert Crawford and Midge Goldberg
  • October 16: Alexandria Peary and Jason Tandon

Open Letter from the NH Poet Laureate Selection Committee

New Hampshire Poet Laureate Selection Background
We on the New Hampshire Poet Laureate Selection Committee would like to clear up some misunderstandings and misinformation circulating around the state regarding the process of choosing the next NH State Poet Laureate.

Role of the Poet Laureate
The Poet Laureate is an ambassador for all poets in New Hampshire and works to heighten the visibility and value of poetry in our state. This person will be the face of NH poetry for the next five years, with local and national visibility. The qualifications for the role of state poet laureate include the following: demonstrated commitment to extended community involvement that has promoted poetry around the state; reputable publication with an established national presence; and a vision for the role that is commensurate with the mission of the role and not self-promotion.

Long Tradition of Strong Poets Laureate
New Hampshire has a long-standing history of strong, qualified New Hampshire Poets Laureate. These include Alice Fogel, Walter Butts, Patricia Fargnoli, Cynthia Huntington, Marie Harris, Maxine Kumin, Donald Hall, Jane Kenyon, and Richard Eberhart. In fact, five U.S. Poets Laureate hail from New Hampshire (Robert Frost, Richard Eberhart, Maxine Kumin, Donald Hall, Charles Simic). In short, New Hampshire Poets Laureate have contributed greatly to our state’s vibrant culture.

Review Process
The review process was rigorous. The selection committee of nine, headed by statute by the Poetry Society of New Hampshire, includes noted professionals in the arts and humanities and former poets laureate who understand the extent of the position. It has been the role of this changing committee to read each nominees’ extensive application materials, books, and letters of recommendation. This year’s committee spent a collective total of over 100 hours thoroughly reviewing all the applications from a very competitive pool of qualified candidates, many of whom were extremely strong on all points. When someone doesn’t make the cut, it is not a criticism of him or her as a person or as a poet. Nor is it political. In a state teeming with exceptionality, it simply means that several people rose to the level of finalist based on their superior qualifications.

Selection Committee Recommendation
The selection committee’s recommendation for the next New Hampshire Poet Laureate is Jennifer Militello, an accomplished poet and educator with a national reputation. Jennifer has an impressive publication history and is founder of the NH Poetry Festival.

This selection cycle, as always, the committee named its choice and, in September of 2018, gave that recommendation to the Governor, for a vote by the Executive Council.

On Wednesday February 20, 2019, breaking with tradition, Governor Sununu nominated his own candidate as the next Poet Laureate, not the recommended poet nor one of the finalists.

The nomination was withdrawn before the Executive Council’s vote. We do not know if there will be any action at upcoming meetings.

There was a meeting scheduled for the governor and the Selection Committee at the end of March, but the governor’s office had a conflict and we’ve been trying to reschedule with them.

Time-honored Process
There has been no precedent in which the state’s governor selected a nominee without the recommendation of the Poet Laureate Selection Committee. In two unusual and extenuating cases, historically, there were apparent exceptions, but in fact these were not exceptions at all; in each case the governor requested and honored the traditional input of the committee’s recommendations.

Mission of the Selection Committee
The only missions of the selection committee, and its supporters, are to keep the process fair, and to choose the very best candidate for the active role of NH Poet Laureate, who represents our state not only at home but in the eyes of the rest of the country.

We hope everyone recognizes the value not only of expertise but of a commitment to a true democratic process. Our aim is to keep this process trustworthy, so that all interested and qualified applicants will feel confident in its complete fairness.

We do urge the Governor to nominate Ms. Militello, whose name emerged after a rigorous and time-honored selection process so that the hills and halls of New Hampshire will continue to be filled with poetry that resounds beyond our borders.