Our Volunteers

Contest Coordinators

  • National Contest: We are working to reinstate the National Contest, including appointing a new coordinator; more information to come!
  • Member Contest: To Be Determined

Editorial Team for The Poets’ Touchstone

  • Editor: Melanie Chicoine
  • Submissions Editor: Kim Theriault
  • Associate Editor: Barbara Bald
  • Associate Editor: Ala Khaki
  • Associate Editor: Eileen Curran-Kondrad

Slam Free or Die Coordinator

  • Mark Palos

New Hampshire Poetry Festival Coordinators

Our previous coordinators, Kyle Potvin and Jennifer Militello have decided to step down after 5 years serving as coordinators for the NH Poetry Festival. We thank them immensely for creating this wonderful program and for their service to the poetry community!  PSNH is working to establish new coordinators and a new committee; stay tuned for more information.